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About Us

This is a picture of me, Nancy Dow, with my former dogs Rocky and Beaufort.

I have been a long time pet lover and was always that kid in the neighborhood surrounded by animals and paid by the neighbors to watch their pets when their people went away in vacation. When I was laid off from my last job, I took some time to really think about what I wanted to do next. What did I love and how was I spending my free time? Well, I love my dogs and I love walking them and thus, bow WOW! was born!

I started subcontracting in early 2012 to check it out and see if I wanted to start my own business. I answered a Craigslist ad and discovered that the poster was the woman who used to walk my own dogs! She has been a great friend and mentor to me and I learned a lot from her. So, in September of 2012, I launched my own company and it has been going quite well since then!

(This is a picture of my current dogs, Magnolia and Wesley.)

We are all pet CPR and
First Aid certified.

I'm Heather Wade. I have a great love for all animals but found dogs to be special. I currently live in Tewksbury and have three grown children and two four-legged ones as well. I have Sadie, a Chug, who is thirteen pounds and her bestie, Tuukka, who is a twenty pound Norwegian Forest cat. I have had many different types of pets in my family and would enjoy helping you with yours.

My name is Scott Wade. I was raised in Reading and have since settled in Tewksbury with my family. I currently have a dog and cat at home. I was in the medical field for nearly twenty years before retiring. I found I really enjoy walking dogs and caring for other people’s pets.